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3/19/2021, 1:10 am
Here are the following rules that must be complied with and that can be changed at any time by the staff of Aion United if necessary.

You may not use cheats, automated software, hacks, or any type of unauthorized third-party software designed to modify client behavior unless authorized to do so by Aion United Staff like Shugo Console and Aion Rain Meter. Punishment: permanently ban of ALL your accounts.

You may not use or exploit any type of glitch, bug, or unintended feature for personal gain. This rule also applies to dissemination of the exploit to other players. Anything that can be considered an exploit should be reported directly to staff via a Discord direct message.

When you purchase something from our Item Shop, you must follow the rules of the donation agreement. Information on the donation agreement can be found on Discord under #donation-agreement channel.

When playing Aion United you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, or threaten other players. Using offensive language, making racist comments, and offensive/racist legion capes is against the rules and will be punished.
Punishment will vary depending on the severity of the offense. This rule applies to every medium related to Aion United; forums, Discord, and in-game.

Dual boxing or playing multiple characters at the same time to circumvent or abuse in-game reward systems will result in punishment. Such behavior might include: facing your own alt character in an arena to gain uncontested Glory Points and Abyss Points. Feeding yourself kills at sieges using an alt character of the enemy faction to gain participation rewards (Glory Points or Ceramium Medal rewards).
Punishment may include complete removal of Glory Points and Abyss Points on all characters involved. Repeat offenders may get banned.

Offensive language
This rule applies to everything, not just the server chat. Any type of text (chat, notes, legion name, character name, pet name) that is considered offensive or racist will be severely punished with actions based on the severity of the offense. The same is for images on legion capes.

Account and Kinah Selling
While we do not expressly prohibit the sale of accounts to other players, we will not allow players to use the Aion United discord server or ingame or any other United media to advertise their accounts for sale. Any for sale posts in our medias will be deleted and further violations of this rule may lead to accounts being blocked. (We won't be giving any support to any account selling or anything that goes wrong with the transaction)

Aion United Staff count on you to follow the rules and have fun with us inside the game and also in our discord without having any problems!
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