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3/18/2021, 7:02 am
CLIENT AVAILABLE 033309636_1-cba71933b57f8c1c9eb5e8dee0708843

Aion United: Battlefront 4.6 Full Game Client
To have our game client working on its full potencial and with all the new content please fully download our client from scratch

The most preferred and fastest way to download the client from scratch is through Torrent

  • Download the Torrent file from here
  • Double-click to open it. (If you try to open it and nothing happens, then you have to download a Torrent program. We recommend BitTorrent , download it here)
  • Once the download is complete, open the game folder. The archive " LaunchGame.zip" will be stored in this folder. The archive contains the launcher to start the game.
  • Extract the LaunchGame.zip, run the launcher and click on Check it will check the files, after ready click on Play and have fun!

Another alternative is with our Launcher

  • Download our launcher from here
  • Run it and select a folder to download the game.
  • Click the Install/Check button and wait for the game to be checked/installed.
  • In the launcher Settings you can select the language in which the game client will work and the operating system bit set (64bit recommended)
  • Start the game using "Play" button.

In case you cannot download the client with torrent or launcher we have the Full Client available for download through MEGA!

  • Follow the link and download the .zip file
  • Extract it where you desire to have the game installed. The archive " LaunchGame.zip" will be stored in this folder. The archive contains the launcher to start the game.
  • Extract it and click Check, let it finish any update that may have, click Play and enjoy

If you have problems running the game download and install the programs below:

DirectX (June 2008)
Visual Studio 2017 for Visual C ++
GeForce Video Drivers
Radeon Video Drivers
NET Framework 4.6.2

If after the installation of the above mentioned programs the issue is not solved, please visit our Client Solutions page!


If you have any interest to launch the game in Chinese follow the steps below:

  1. Open your AionUnited folder and access the L10N folder
  2. Delete the folders "trk" and "2_trk"
  3. Copy the two folders, "trk" and "2_trk" from the zip file that you downloaded and place them inside your AionUnited\L10N
  4. When launching the game, access the launcher configs and select "Turk├že" language, after that hit play!

Chinese Language Download << LINK
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